Free Online Software Tools For Small Businesses[Use or Not Explained]

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What Is This Article About

Myth vs Fact Free Online Software Tools

Myth vs Fact Free Online Software Tools

This article is about Free Online Software Tools for Small Businesses and a simple myth why many people are not using Free Online Software Tools for their Businesses

Myth and Conventional Wisdom

The myth is based on some Conventional Wisdom that has been around for some time. I will explain some well-known Myths as to Why Small Businesses do not use Free Software Tools Online.

In addition, I will dive into whether You Should or Should Not Use Free Software Tools for Small Business.


Who Is This Article For

I will explain and answer questions about Free Online Software  Tools That’s Free for the Small Business Owners of a Brick and Mortar Business with a few employees to the Stay at Home Entrepreneur or the Website Owner (E commerce, Blogger or Affiliate Marketers) and the Realtor.

Business Owners or  Managerial Staff or Assistant personnel is targeted in this article.   You are overseeing jobs that is normally turned over to an Out-Sourcing Companies (Fiverr or UpWork) or Individuals Online.

Many Small Businesses pay money unnecessarily to these companies because they either do not know or trust certain free software tools Online they hear about.

Often small jobs that a nontechnical people often turn over small jobs to a paid professional. I will address this to the Owners of Small Business.

Now, what is important here is to understand there are Free Software Tools Online that can be used. However, you must understand why Small Business Owners are not using them and which ones to use.


What The Article is Not About

This article will not explain is some Myth behind Businesses not using Free Email Services or Social Media Platforms. There is no Myth behind that. These services are very good.  They are apart of most of our lives both personal and Business. As a matter of fact, there are Free Online Tools out there across the Web.
More on that later.


This Article Accomplish What?

Two Things this article will attempt to accomplish.

First Explain the reasons behind why Small Business Owners are just not up to using these Free Online Marketing Tools.  And the fears behind them.

Second, I will focus on whether you should consider these Free Software Tools for your Business. Or, should you do as the rest. Stop if you are currently using them or bypass them altogether.


The Why I Chose To Write This

Wondering How This Works

Young man sits at a table in an empty cafe after using some Free Online Software Tools

Often many small businesses will have a need to have specific tasks done for their respective business that will acquire a professional to handle.

These tasks can include small jobs like Creating PDF’s, cleaning up your Website of Bugs, creating a simple promotional video to downloading software to create images…

Business Owners in the past enjoyed using Free Online Software Tools because it made their life so much easier. Now the simplest of task are turned over to an online assistant.


New Market Created

This has made the “market place” for online assistants grow in the past few years…

Also, many businesses have Marketing Campaign needs and wish to implement a strategy of their own and feel overwhelmed by the notion of doing it themselves. Often these jobs are pushed to Out-Sourcing Campaign Management Agencies while shelling out lots of money for their services.

But you need to know what to look for when you search out the Free Online Software Tools for Business needs. It can be scary… More later in the article.

First-The Myths

Myths in CloudBut before I get into the reason why many people do not use Free Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses, I must explain the myth behind all this.

I can shed more light on these simple myths that keep people from using these Online Free Tools with often said “Conventional Wisdom”. 




You May Heard of a few of these Before.

You know those saying that you heard from the time you were a little kid from your parents and even grandparents.

“There Is No Such Thing As A FREE Lunch”
“Best Things In Life Are Not Free”


I’m Sure You Have Heard of This. Right?  I Know I have, and I am sure you have also…

There is another Conventional Wisdom at work here that is worth mentioning.

“If It Is Free Then It Must Not Work


How many times have you heard that?  Well, I am sure a lot. And I am sure you have passed on something along the way simply because it was Free. This particular “Conventional Wisdom” has been around with us for a long time.
And if you have passed over a Free offer, I understand.

There has been lots of bad reviews in the past few years based on some Free Software Tools. With the ever-changing upgrades to computers there is often a lag in the upgrades of the software. Because of this, there has been loads of overnight teams of “low grade” programmers pushing their latest software tool and cheap price.  The results have been bad to say the least. The “low grade” software created a bad environment online about the cheap and Free Software Marketing Tools Online.

Yep, That’s it.

“Some ole’ school “Conventional Wisdom” and a few bad reviews is keeping people back from using Free Online Marketing Tools Online for their Business.”

“Never mind that there is plenty of evidence around the Business Industry of Website Owners and Business Owners have Great success using Free Online Marketing Software Tools for their Small Business.”

Next Take Look At Famous Example by a Famous Person and look at this from a different angel.

Before I get into Bill Gates and Free Online Software Tools that are free to use,
I must illustrate a point to you first. It is rather interesting that most people do not take Free Online Software  Tools seriously.

When Bill Gates was playing catch up on the internet after an initial error of judgement over the future importance of the net, one of the areas where he found himself way behind was in Free Email Services for his users. He passed on this idea.

Quick Question

So, did one of the richest man in the world just fall into a trap of passing by on something that is free?


Let’s Look

This is What He Did Next

Eventually he saw that if he could create a FREE Service that is backed by a Brand, then he knew he would have success. He saw the success of the likes of Yahoo whom had millions of users by the time
Hotmail was relaunched.
So, he bought Hotmail from Sabeer Bhatia

Then He Did This

He used a strategy using a free online software too on a “FREE Service” that worked like a dream. Bill Gates added a brief message in his signature area at the end of each email he sent out inviting recipient to open a Free Hotmail Email Account for his customers. Yes, he used a Free Service to offer people to get a Free Hotmail Account.

This simple Marketing Strategy and Simple Marketing Tool that cost nothing to implement took Hotmail from virtually zero users to millions in a few short months.

The Rest Is History.
So, Now You Know How “Hotmail” was Created.

Here Is What We Know Now

Myth Reality Free Online Software Tools for Small Business

cloud of words or tags related to myth and reality on a digital tablet

Now you know that one of the richest man in the world not only used a free online software tool but a Free Marketing Strategy using s Free Software Marketing Tool to get it done.

There are numerous other examples, but I chose this one because it is somebody we all know rather well. And have much respect for.

Take Note Here

Even fewer have taken note of the fact that the most successful online business model so far has been based on the heavy use of free marketing tools and heavy spending in marketing comes later when the web site has already started enjoying some success.


The Reaction- The Fall-Out?

Most people do not use Software that is Free Online Tools for Small business just because of this simple and useless conventional wisdom that we are taught. And have a bad reaction to anything that is free…
So much so, that there are top marketers as well as top rated Software Companies that has done
research on this very subject.

The reaction is not surprising when you consider we have been raised up in world and taught to firmly believe in “the facts of life”. And most of us, follow our Facts of Life down to the letter. This is law to many of us. We must follow these “Conventional Wisdom” or somehow, we fail as an individual.

True or Not?

While this may be true in many cases, most people have failed to realize that the Internet has arrived with its’ own unique and rather unusual but highly effective set of rules.

“That’s Why Conventional Wisdom
Does Not Work Online”

Here Is Our Takeaway

So, if Bill Gates can relaunch a Free Online Service “Hotmail” by using a Free Online Tool and a Free Strategy using a Free Service, then you can use Free Software Tools Online for your Business too…

Moving Forward with Free Online Software Tools

Who Has Free Tools

There are large Software Companies out there offering Free Versions of their Software that can make the life of a business owner very easy. Companies like Adobe has Fee Tools that you can use to perform task that you would normally pay an Out Source Agency to do. This will save you both time and money.

Free Open Source Tools…Should You Use These?
Here are two well respected sources defining Open Source and its purpose and availability.

What is Open Source Software Tools? Are They Free?

Defined by

open source

open source handwritten with related word cloud on tablet pc

In short Open-Source Software (OSS) is computer software distributed with its Source Code available for modification. The software usually includes a license for programmers to change the software in any way they choose.

Who Can Use It- Is It Available to The Public?


Open Source Software availability defined by (TechTarget) is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available to the General Public as a Free Software to use.

“In general, open source refers to any program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit. Open source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available”.

“Open Source is a certification mark owned by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Developers of software that is intended to be freely shared and possibly improved and redistributed by others can use the Open Source trademark if their distribution terms conform to the OSI’s Open Source Definition. To summarize, the Definition model of distribution terms require that”: Read More

I have 21 Free Online Marketing Tools for Small Business if you wish get started now.

Are There Bad Ones?


There are some exceptions and I will speak more on that later. You must know where to search and find which ones are the good ones.

You can pick up my Free Report Here 21 Free Online Software Marketing Tools for Small Businesses and Startups and Internet Marketers. Of course, there are many Free Software Tools Online available for you to use. I found these to be very effective. Here are 21 Free Tools 

Businesses Who Use Free Tools

retail business thrive with free online marketing tools

Retail Small Business thrive with Free Online Tools for Small Businesses

Let’s Look at some businesses that found Free Software Tools Online for Start-ups and Non-Profits Businesses. Startups and Non-Profits are often starting with little to no cash and Free Marketing Tools. Small Retail Business can thrive by using Free Online Software Tools in their Business. You can also find more content on Promotional Tools for your Business here…(Read more)

Owners can save time waiting on professionals and Money due to cost. There are many tasks that at Small Retail Business can do without having techy skills. Owners of these Business can spend more time on growing their Business instead of researching companies to handle specific jobs they can do themselves…

Here is a Fact about Free Online Tools for Small Businesses Start-ups and Online Marketers

Startup Businesses using Free Online Software Tools

“There are plenty of Start-ups and very mature businesses that has taken advantage of Free Online Tools for Small Business and taken control of their businesses with these Free Tools “.

“These effective tools can help entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals, minimize distractions and give you more time to focus on building strategies that can grow your business”. …

Laptop with Startup words

Startup Search Ideas Lightbulb Concept

Startups have some of the Best Online Software Tools for Start-ups at their fingertips and they are not aware of them. These Free Tools are a God Sent for a up and coming business. Many startups are new to the Industry of business and do not have many resources to work with from the start. Therefore, many have found lots of success by using Free Online Tools.

House for Sale? Realtor?

Free online Tools Small Business Realtors

Woman Handing House Through Laptop Screen Isolated on a White Background.

Next how about Realtors. This why Realtors should take full advantage of Free Online Marketing Tools for Realtors.  Realtors often need quick banners to help promote Property Sales, Rental and Auctions. There are Free Tools that even a novice can use to create Free and spectacular images and banners for inserts and Social Media campaigns.

Have Something To Offer?

Restaurants and other Brick and Mortar Businesses Carpenters, Roofers and Home Repair Services often need a quick-change of the menu or create some quick flyers for lunch specials or prices for their home services for that Brick and Mortar Business as an example.


Using Free Tools to create these items can be no cost to them. It will also be quick to make, and they don’t have to wait on professionals to create a simple but good looking flyer just to get the word out about an upcoming special. Needless to say. The cost of professionals as well.

Safe At Home:
Home Based Businesses Using Free Online Software Tools

Stay Home people enjoying business life using Free Online Software Tools

Stay Home people enjoying business using Online Software Tools

Home based Business people enjoying business using Free Online Software Tools. Stay at Home Business like Website Owners (E commerce) and, Bloggers and Affiliate Marketer are often sent hundreds of emails to buy Online Software Marketing Tools. I should know because I own websites and I am an Affiliate Marketer and Blogger. I shared an article on Content Promotional Marketing ToolsRead more here…

Over the years I bought several software products. Many have been very good. And some not so good. I just recently refunded on a software tool that was not everything it cracked up to be. I was already using a very reputable free version of the same product.

No, it did not have all the bells and whistles, but it works, and I am still using it.

However, several Marketing Tools that I have purchased can be sum up this way, they are no better than the Free version. There are Very Effective Free Online Software Tools for Small Business.

I have found that if I searched the Web for a FREE version of the same tool, I can get the same results. Free works just as well as paid in many cases.

Now, this does not apply in all cases. There will be times when a paid product will be better than the free version of another product. The best way to know is by searching the Net for reviews or reading Blogs to get suggestions from people whom would know. I my Blog.

Let Me Save You Time

If you are or have been searching for the perfect Free Online Software Tool to finish that project you have been working on, then now worries.

searching for that perfect free software tool

frustrated by searching for that free software tool online

Great News! Work Done Already

I have done this research for you and tried several Free Online Software Tools products and some paid versions as well. I have compiled a few Industry Leading (not fly-by-night) Free Software Tools from Online that are waiting on you to test. Remember, here are 21 completely Free to use Software Tools on the Web.

man sitting back relaxing after finding a free software tool online

man sitting back relaxing after finding a free software tool online

Now, let me add this about these Free Online Tools

“The Tools that I have tried and found to be very Effective Online Tools are of the Highest Quality. There are many very High Quality and very Effective Free Software Tools for Small Business that are on the Web and you as a Small Business Owner should take full advantage of the services”.

Final Thoughts

Let’s look at a few points that was covered in the article.

  1. We learned that there is simple myth as to why Small Business people do not use Free Online Software Tools for their Business
  2. We also learned that these Simple Myths are based around some very old and over used “Conventional Wisdom” “There is No Such Thing As A FREE Lunch” & “Best Things In Life Are Not Free”
  3. Why You Should Ignore these Myths. There are plenty of Small Business that have used Free Online Marketing Tools to their advantage.
  4. Many well-respected Software Companies like Adobe have Great Free Versions of Software Tools that will make the Owner of a Small Business look like a Pro.
  5. We also covered that many of the Free Online Marketing Tools for Small Business are of the Highest Quality and that you should not be afraid of them.

One more final thought here.

Yes, I stated that there are many well-respected Online Free Tools on the Web.
Again, there are exceptions. You must know where to search and find which ones are the good ones.

I just told you earlier I done some of the leg work for you. In fact, I have a FREE REPORT that Reveals “21 Industry Leading Free Online Software Tools” for Small Business” these are Industry Leading Free Software Tools that you can implement into your business and make yourself look like a Pro.
This report is FREE to Download and the Tools are Free to use.

I Really Thank You So Much
for Reading my Blog Post,
Raylon Williams