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I have this post in mine for those whom are either thinking about Ads on the Internet or ones
that that have not considered Ads on the Internet for their business…

Here I will explain the reasons why you want to run Ads on the Internet but with Facebook
particularly. I also shared a post “Step By Step Guide To Facebook Advertising” on this subject.

So, I think you should read the post below and it will give you some insights on the “Why and Who”
should run Ads on Facebook…..

Let’s Get Started…

If you are simply a novice in the world of Internet Marketing, you may desire to try out Facebook Advertising. With over 60 million energetic customers and also still proceeding to expand, you will certainly see that Facebook is most definitely the location to market your products (yours or others)  on Facebook

If you are simply starting to promote, do not anticipate to obtain outcomes right away. You have to know exactly what your target market desires in an advertising and marketing project or just what will certainly obtain their interest. With Facebook Ads, you will certainly be able to do this.

Who Brands Themselves on Facebook?

Branding Yourself or Business

If have a desire to be Successful with your business these days, then I “Highly Recommend” that you Market your new buiness or existent business or services on the web, and Facebook is diffinetly the way to go. It is and has been the number#1 go-to Marketing Platform for the Big, Small and Soloprenuer buisess owner for the last several years and it is still growing.. Just imagine that!

Brand Your Products or Services

Facebok brand awareness





Brand Awareness 2 Facebook










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More Branding:

Brand Your Business

brand a business

 Brand A Real Estate Site or Property Location

Promoting Organizations

If you are simply beginning out with your online organization as well as you desire to advertise your items, solutions as well as your web site in the net, you could desire to attempt marketing in Facebook Ads.

Right here, marketing is a whole lot more enjoyable, more affordable and extremely efficient.

It is additionally crucial to bear in mind that marketing on Facebook  varies from Marketing in real life. Also the most knowledgeable Online Marketers in the world have tough time marketing on the Internet. It is a brand-new way marketing. vastilly different than the old way of “cold calling”and knocking on doors and leaving pamplets at prople doors… It’s also much different than Media Marketing which can be much more expensive and less effective for the low budget business.


What Is Facebook Ads Exactly?

Facebook Ads is generally a ppc advertising and marketing platform available on Facebook to its Marketers. And  is madeavailable within the Facebook WebSite. The wonderful feature of Facebook Ads is that it will certainly allow syou determine your target customers scoring them accordance with rate of interests, age, sex as well as various other basic info. You will certainly Additionally,you will certainly be the one to determine the day-to-day budget for your  advertising and marketing needs.

Where is the Best Place to Market Online? Facebbok Ads?

The Internet is the best location today to promote Make Money OnlineOffers. It is Also the Number #1 place for big business and small local business. No matter what your Industry is, Facebook has become a Giant on the Marketing Platform.

If you are intending to begin an Online or Offline Business, you shuld add Facebbok Ads as part of your start-up  business plan. Although I can not guarantee youhow much Money you will make running Ads, But I know you will be able to increase your awareness,Brand and traffic to your website.

Or if you are a walk in business, you can increase your walk-in trafic drastically by running Facebook Ads. local of your businessThis would be for the Internet Marketer or the Local Business Owner.

Local Business Benefit from Facebbok Ads?

If it is an Offline Service such as a local Reasturant or Plumbing Business,you have to make sure your customers know you and what services you can provide to solve there needs or desires.

How Do I Market With My Facebook Profile?

Most People are not aware of Facebook Fan Pages. The Facebook Fan Page is different than your normal Facebook Profile Page that you open an account with. The Fan Page is different because it is a Page that you setup within Facebook that is dedicated Solo for your business and or Brand. This is the unique quality about Fan Pages.

Think of Facebook Fan Pages as another way of saying “Business Pages” … So, you will have to set-up the Fan Page (Biz Page) as if it were another person and or business… You can keep your Personal Account Page and then setup a Fan Page. There are many people and Organizations that have several Fan Pages.
I have several Fan Pages but only 1 Profile Page..

A Word of Caution Here:

*Please Note: That Facebook rules are that you are only to have 1 Profile (main) Account Page.. So proceed with caution… But, if you do decide to open another Profile Page, make sure you use a separate email address before you proceed…

If you are looking to get more info on setting up Fan Pages correctly and a good method to use to market your business, then I recommend that you checkout this Fan Page Method….


Facebook Banner

Here are a Couple of Facebook’s Terms on Fan Pages

A.    A Page for a brand, entity (place or organization), or public figure may be administered only by an authorized representative of that brand, entity (place or organization) or public figure (an “official Page”).
B.    Any user may create a Page to express support for or interest in a brand, entity (place or organization), or public figure, provided that it does not mislead others into thinking it is an official Page, or violate someone’s rights. If your Page is not the official Page of a brand, entity (place or organization) or public figure, you must:
i.    not speak in the voice of, or post content as though it was coming from, the authorized representative of the Page’s subject matter; and
ii.    make clear that the Page is not the official Page of the brand, entity (place or organization) or public figure.
C.    Content posted to a Page is public and viewable by everyone who can see the Page.
D.    You are required to restrict access to Pages (through our gating functionality) as necessary to comply with applicable laws and Facebook policies, including our Community Standards.
E.    You may not establish terms for your Page that conflict with our Statement of Rights and ResponsibilitiesData Policy or these terms.

Know What Facebook is Primarily

Facebook is generally a social networking internet site where each participant will certainly construct their very own network s (called Facebook personal account or Fan Pages) of good friends and followers. Below, individuals will certainly have the ability to interact as well as have great deals of enjoyable with the various applications offered. With over 60 million energetic people and still room to expand, you will clearly see that Facebook is most definitely the location to Market Online for  your business solutions for your customers.

Free Ways to Market Online with Facebook

There are cost-free means to market in the internet. If you are simply a novice in the world of web marketing, after that you may desire to attempt out Facebook.

What Type of Medium is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is primarily a pay each click marketing servicethat is provided by Facebook to its members within the Facebook website portal. . The wonderful point regarding Facebook Ads is that it will certainly allow you choose your target customers according to passions, age, sex and also various other basic details. With Facebook Ads, you will certainly be able to do this. Facebook is the only Advertising medium that offers so much targeting for your desired audience…

Text Ads oin Facebook

Facebook Text Ads







Facebbok Text ad2




small ad on Facebook-meme's


Types on Ads and Placement You See on Facebook




Can I Get Lots of Traffic? -See Graph Below…

You do not need to fret about website traffic from Facebook. Unlike many other Advertising Platforms available on the Internet. Also, again no other medium offers so many individuals actively on the Facebbok site. Remember, there is more that similar to the quantity of individuals visiting as well as out every day, you recognize that you have your customers below. All you have to do is obtain them to your site.

Statista Reports on Facebook

Here are the latest Facebook Online Users reported by Statista;
Facebook measures monthly active users as users that have logged in during the past 30 days. Figures do not include Instagram or WhatsApp users unless they would otherwise qualify as such users, respectively, based on their other activities on Facebook”.


Statistic: Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2017 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Before I Wrap Up,

I wanted to give you an idea on the type of campaigns Facebook Offers…The type of offer savailable are based on your Objectives…

March 2017

Some objectives have now been moved into similar objectives. These changes don’t affect any existing campaigns you’re running.

Note: If you try to duplicate an existing ad set or an ad in a campaign that uses one of these objectives, you’ll need to create a new campaign.

Local awareness

You can now use the reach objective to promote your business locally. If you previously used local awareness to promote your business, you’ll use reach instead. Learn more about reach.

Offer claims

You can now use the traffic and conversions objectives to create an offer. If you previously used engagement to create an offer, you’ll use these objectives instead. Learn more about offers.


Note: If you do not see the option to create an offer in the traffic or conversions objectives, you should continue to use the engagement objective.


Mobile App Engagement

You can now use the traffic and conversions objective to target people on mobile devices who’ve installed your app. If you want to increase the number of visitors to your mobile app, you should use traffic as your objective. If you want to optimize for people completing a specific action in your app and you have the Facebook SDK installed, you should use conversions as your objective. Learn more about mobile app engagement.

Mobile App Installs / Desktop App Installs

You can now use the app installs objective to send people to a store to download your desktop or mobile app. If you previously used the desktop app installs or mobile app installs objective to send people to an app store, you’ll use app installs instead. As long as your app is registered on Facebook’s developer website, you’ll be able to use the app installs objective to advertise your desktop and mobile apps. Learn more about app installs.

January 2017

You can now choose new and simpler advertising objectives that better reflect how you plan, buy and measure your campaigns. These changes don’t affect any existing campaigns you’re running. You can still edit and manage any existing campaigns that use the original objectives.


Simpler Names for Objectives

Objectives now have simpler names to help you choose the best objective for your business goal:

Increase brand awareness → Brand awareness

Reach people near your business → Reach

Send people to a destination on or off Facebook → Traffic (website clicks)

Get installs of your app → App installs

Get video views → Video views

Collect leads for your business → Lead generation

Promote a product catalog → Product catalog sales

Get people to claim your offer → Engagement (offer claims)

Promote your Page → Engagement (page likes)

Boost your posts → Engagement (post engagement)

Raise attendance at your event → Engagement (event responses)

Increase conversions on your website → Conversions (website conversions)

Increase engagement in your app → Traffic (app engagement) and Conversions (app engagement)

Get people to visit your store → Store visits

New objectives

Objectives with the same business goals are now combined:

Traffic: Send more people to your website or app. This objective combines the website clicks and app engagement objectives. When you create an ad set in the traffic objective, you can select the website or app you’d like to advertise.

Conversions: Drive an action on your website or in your app, such as adding a payment method or making a purchase. This objective combines the website conversions and app engagement objectives. When you create an ad set in the conversions objective, you can select the Facebook pixel or an app event to track the actions taken in your website or app.

Engagement: Get more people to engage with your business on Facebook. This objective includes the post engagement, page likes, event responses and offer claims objectives.

Wrapping This All Up…

I would like to wrap this up by having you understand, that no matter what business
you are in you need to start Advertising on Facebook…

This Post is for the who is Advertising on Facebook.

Not just major corporations with loads on money… But these ordinary individual business’s Small Store front Small Business and the Solopreneur can take advantage of the Ads Platform of Facebook.

So, look no further. If you are not on Facebook, then your competitor is and they are getting
to know their (yours too) Customers Avatar(ideal).

My Recomendation

So, I Highly Recommend that you follow my advice before it’s tooooo late!

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